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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 14, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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he low, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the videos from the web that you've been looking for "right this minute." new video shows why india is cracking down on daredevils. now a father shows how his son's death defying stunt wasn't. it's an average day on a street in chile but -- >> it's about to get hot. >>-- what a cama happed to catch when all >> i don't know if you can tell, i buckled up this morning. a couple's home is trashed
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after the housing crisis made help rent it out. >> faucets are broken. >> the story behind the viral video that's touched a nerve with america. and a charity project that gives a whole new meaning to hot shot. >> you can't even get a word out. we've got video of a dangerous trend that's been going on for quite some time at a mumbai, india. you're seeing here a young guy, 1 years old, doing train zufrg. you can see all the different acrobatics, i guess you could call it, that this guy is doing. 14-year-old here, things do not end well for young sayid. watch here at the very end. >> what happened? >> oh, my gosh. >> you can see he slips, falls, looks like he maybe hits his head here as well. sad to report, he did not make
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it after this accident. this is a common thing in india. lots of young people are trying to make videos, trying to do stunts just like this. you may remember this video we had on our show a while back of some other youngsters in india doing these same trained stunts. his father, 57-year-old, is now speaking out telling other parents, start monitoring what your children are doing, what your teenagers are doing because he says they don't understand how precious life is. you see him in this photo here from he's holding up a picture of his 14-year-old son, who he lost, and his three other children are in the background. >> i think it's why videos like this are important because it's showing how care free this young guy was just seconds before he lost his life. >> there's been a crackdown on this sort of behavior on trains. according to, 2,190 people have been fined for stunts like this just from
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january to july of this year. what's even crazier, 171 people were fined within three days after sayid fell and died in this incident that we just watched here. this is a current thing. people are doing it all the time. >> unfortunately it's almost like a cultural thing now. it's very dangerous. you really shouldn't be doing it but people get a thrill out of it. >> we've got these young people who have this idea of invincibility that lots of young people have and you're going to have incidents like this. >> a lot of it also goes back to stuff that people are seeing in movies. this video here of young sayid is tough to watch. hopefully you think that maybe this one gets passed around enough to make an impression. there's something pretty interesting down the street in this town in chile. keep an eye. it's about to get hot. >> oh.
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>> what happened? >> that's a fuel truck exploding at a gas station. the fuel truck had a leak. it was trying to fill up this gas station. that leak spread. people began to evacuate. before long, boom. some reports say four people were injured, other reports say three. a driver at least and two pedestrians were seriously injured in this blast. they had to evacuate 600 people in neighborhood homes, school, businesses, to try to keep people safe. and the explosion could be felt from at least ten blocks away. so this thing really shook this neighborhood. >> it was really loud. >> and firefighters worked for hours to try and keep this fire from spreading to some of those other buildings. >> this guy just randomly caught this on camera? >> never predicted. >> i think they knew that there was a leak at the truck and that there was a problem because you saw that street blocked off. i don't think anybody expected it to rupture and explode like that. >> yeah. scary thng to happen in the
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middle of the afternoon. hold this up. i don't know how well you will see it but you should be able to see that the coppers are behind me. >> stop. you failed to provide your id when you trespass from the sporting event. >> you may remember this video. i brought it to you not too long ago. it was shot by a guy, president for showing animals respect and kindness, shark. he claims he was illegally stopped by the sheriff's office in oregon. he claimed he was at the big hoop rodeo and he was kicked out for trying to record. >> did you stress pass at the rodeo club. do you understand if you go back, you will be arrested? >> he was trying to showcase the perceived abuse at the rodeo? >> that's what the rodeo claimed. they claimed that he was trying to make an animal rights
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violated. >> you went right bassed the signs that said no video. >> fast forward to today and through using oregon's public disclosure ysure laws we get th cam video from the sheriff's car. >> he's arguing. this guy is the real deal. this guy is one that posted everything last year. >> here's the problem, they didn't trespass. >> well, we're going off what we were told. i wasn't there. i didn't want to stop a man -- you know that, right? >> oh, no. >> what? >> they are admitting to the fact that they didn't even want to pull this guy over in the first place. >> right. this a big deal. we reached out to the sheriff's department and they said that
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this was problematic because he edited the footage. he sent us all the footage and the trabs scripts. he has subtitled it. they were put in my him but you can hear what is being said. >> i didn't want to stop the man. >> we tried to contact the rodeo board for comment but we didn't hear back from them by our deadline. >> still recording. mother nature is pretty awesome but she can also be very scary and in these two videos you're going to see why this first one is in kentucky and we are lookingt a ya of darcy h howell. this area of kentucky had experienced some areas of flash floods. >> oh. >> big rock. >> yep, you see rocks. you see mud. you see parts of the heel that just came crushing down. >> looked like that vehicle got ejected from inside of that
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shed. >> her dog nearly escaping. you see it working his way away from the debris. fortunately no injuries to him. lucky day for the dog and a lucky day for the passengers of this community train in japan in the distance you do see a commuter train. it's very slowly approaching this station and just as it gets close, look at what happens. lightning strikes the train directly. >> right in the front. right where the conductor would be. >> the train does run on the electricity so it did basically knock out the power to the train. amazingly, nobody was injured. >> if the thing run on electricity you would imagine they would have gotten home. >> a little push? >> surge.
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the rider whips around the track and then -- >> oh! >> into that left-hander. you can see just gets completely out of whack. >> see why this wipeout is going to leave more than a mark. >> that's pointing the wrong direction. and a new video telling you to get overlay difficult lady why this ad message isn't what you think. >> we expect nothing less. look at 'em.
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goes into that left-hander and you can see just gets completely out of whack. looks like maybe he hit the crass or maybe he was trying to avoid the grass and lay the thing down. here it is again in slower motion. watch his right arm. see it there? >> oh, man. that's pointing the wrek wrong direction. >> didn't look good. >> that is who you call a broken humerus. we've got some pictures of this guy in the hospital. here's the x-ray. you can see the break. >> that was awful. >> it's not a humorous thing. but look at how swollen that part of his arm is right here. you can just see. >> oh. >> the pain in this guy's face. in the description to the video he does thank the paramedics. he said they were awesome, so were the nurses and the doc. >> he was trying to break his fall, right, with his arm by instirchi instin instinct, put it in front of him? check out this beautiful
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house. a lovely place to start a family. that's exactly what rachel and brady holcomb did. this was their first home. they bought it. this is where they welcomed their two children. but just a few short years later, this is what the home looked like. >> the door won't shut because i don't know if you can tell but it's off the hinges because the floor is swollen. >> why is the floor swollen? >> because she didn't report a leak. >> that's awful. >> now, rachel and brady, after the housing crisis, decided to move out of this neighborhood and move their family to a new neighborhood. they didn't want to let go of the home so they rented it out to a section 8 renter meaning the home was being subsidized by the government. that renter was in their home for just three short years. >> how does it get so bad? >> according to brady, the deterioration in the house didn't actually happen until the last three or four months that this renter was in there. and she stopped letting him come into the house.
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>> this house was freaken mint. >> the rental left the windows open. walls became damaged, rainwater came into the home, faucets were broken. >> no more refrigerator, no more stove, and no more washer and dryer. >> to tell us more about this home we have rachel and brady holcomb via skype right this minute from atlanta, georgia. you made this video about a month ago. it has gone crazy vira whatind of response have and had since? >> no. >> no. >> these people are blown away by the people. people want to talk about it, but at the end of the day, we still need to make the decision of what we're going to do with this house. >> it's really frustrating because we want to do the right thing. we would love some help from the banks but unfortunately we have to default on the loan first for the -- before they'll consider a renegotiation. >> describe that feeling the first time you stepped foot back in that house and saw what you saw.
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>> i actually didn't go in the house because it was a little bit too emotional for me and even the video is hard for me to watch the whole thing. it's very personal that somebody would do this to our home. >> what's the worst part, in your opinion, how this home was left to you guys. >> i guess we just don't know what to do. the first part is that we're kind of stuck. the housing market down there is terrible. the house isn't only worth $35,000. and it's close to $50,000 worth of damage to the house. we're just in a bad situation. >> yeah, we don't know what to do. >> again, i'm not knshowing youy face because i don't want you to see me cry. san diego, let's go. >> we all watched the video that is suddenly crazy red hot. >> everyone likes this. >> cool song, great message. next "right this minute." and go behind the scene on one steamy calendar shoot.
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why these lovely ladies are bearing more than arms for a good cause. plus, see the playroom gone wild. >> we created animals coming out of the walls. >> that is awesome. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly-baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ you can find them on sale now at your local safeway store.
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when you want to raise money for charity sometimes it's helpful to whip out the big guns.
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>> and the melons and the buns, too, apparently. >> this is a behind the scenes for the hot shots 2014 calendar. the calendar benefits uk and u.s. veterans featuring some of the uk's hottest glamour models and maybe the largest caliber glamour models you could say, as well. if you couldn't tell this year's calendar theme, .007. >> so, boy, look at that. >> wow, you speech. >> the calendar features big names in the glamour modeling business. >> i'm so excited. >> there's just something about like the camo and like the ear phone things and just like the bullets and it just adds a layer of sexiness. >> again, of course, here to promote their calendar, it's up for preorder now. go to and order yours.
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>> wow. >> i'm glad the money goes for a good cause. like our veterans deserve the money they deserve. >> you like guns? >> i wish they could have come up with a different way to raise money but i would imagine that this is an effective way to raise money because, you know -- >> some of you in the audience may want to see this entire video. if so go to high noon for walter and glenda. you guys remember this coy pond floor painted in the home of jesse. he and his wife are artists. incredibly talented. and he is eight agait again.
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this time he created a jungle playroom. >> that is awesome. >> he didn't just do the murals on the wall, he created animals coming out of the walls. >> all of these animals w ered them with a drywall compound and painted them and coated them with a resin to add extra strength. >> if i were a kid i would be hanging from the giraffes, swinging from the tree. >> i'm so glad you said that because with the actual tree itself he re-enforced it with a piece of wood so that the kid could swing and play on the tree limb. >> this is awesome. i just would not let the kids use marker or paint. >> paint over the giraffe? that would be terrible. >> if you're sbinterested if hi work or hire him to come and do your playroom or your coy pond floor or whatever your imagination has -- >> you don't have to be a kid to have a jungle playroom.
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you're never too old. >> wrk to the jungle playroom. a baby osprey is under attack. >> that was a buzzard. >> looks like he's making -- took a hit on a football. >> see the knock
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this is probably the most expensive barbecue that you're ever going to lay your eyes on. >> it's not like really good like kobe beef burgers or something. >> no, it's the actual barbecuing message.
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using a lamborghini. >> ah. >> and he's going to grill a sausage with the exhaust. lamborghini has a stock exhaust, they described. and it's some sort of computer chip upgrade that they performed that allows it to blast fire out of the exhaust. listen to the sound. >> definitely the loudest grill. >> but believe it or t not it actually does seem to work. and that shot it looks like the sausage is completely roasted black. >> right. >> the next shot though where the guy takes a bite -- >> might have done a switch-a-roo. >> they also worn don't try this out home because we all have lamborghinis sitting in the garage. i think it's safe to say we've never seen an artist/singer promote a song like this. this is lady gaga. a lot of booing and screaming. there are different phrases that come up on the screen. if you don't like pop music you
4:26 pm
should turn this off. i've since "born this way" she's a flop, don't buy her new single on itunes. give her no applause. don't dance to the song at all. pulling on the mask. screaming. and that's it. >> she's saying don't buy it. so many people are going to buy it. >> just like you tell the kid don't get the cookie out of the cookie jar, yeah get it. it's brilliant. >> reverse psychology. it works all the time. >> promoting the release of her latest album which drops in november. >> very lady gagaesque. we expect nothing less. >> this is actually somewhat normal. what would be strange if she did a promo where she was like, i'm lady gaga, buy my new sing, applause, on itunes, check it out. >> she's telling people not to buy the single. those are things that some people have said about her. >> and that's probably why at the end she says, stop the drama, start the music.
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let's get over all of this silly stuff and have fun. stuck in the sink. what you're looking at is an osprey nest in scotland. watch happens. a is an osprey chick. that is a buzzard. that buzzard came and roughed thats osprey up and it fell to the ground. the osprey is in the care of animal authorities. local farmers say that buzzards have become a problem because this is the second time within a year that an osprey has been attacked by a buzzard. >> oh, no. >> that was a buzzard. >> the buzzard was there like within seconds. >> this bird story a little less threateni. while they were out fishing sea.
4:28 pm
singlehandedly he catches that bird. that bird is not happy, either. >> trying to bite the guy's face off. >> he keeps going and trying to bite his fate off. i don't know if they're offering the guy or the bird beer but he eventually let it go. it was a quick catch and release but that bird is probably like i am never going near another fishing boat. ♪ that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time. [ female announcer ] now you don't have to give up.
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♪ i'm beth troutman. if you're looking for the best videos on the web, this is the show for you, "right this minute." a guy looks out the window and spots a dude pinned by two cops. >> standing and kneeling on the head/neck area. >> i don't mean to call police brutality but that might have been a little much. >> see the video leading to a police investigation. a teen sees a whale that could crush him and thinks -- >> i want to jump in and swim with that whale. >> what happens when mr. adventure goes for it, make it. a man takes a traditioal


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